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Understanding Facebook’s Worldwide ‘Link History’ Roll-Out

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Facebook, the social media giant now known as Meta Platforms Inc., has rolled out a new feature called ‘Link History’ for all users worldwide. This feature is available on both Android and iOS devices, enhancing the platform’s data collection and ad-targeting capabilities.

‘Link History’ is a tool within the Facebook app that allows users to view the websites they’ve visited over the past month. The feature essentially functions as one of the permissions within the app, documenting every link a user clicks on.

This is part of Facebook’s broader efforts to provide users with greater transparency about their data. The Link History feature gives users an opportunity to see firsthand how Facebook tracks their online activities and uses this information for ad targeting.

To access Link History, users simply need to tap any link inside the Facebook app, which will open Facebook’s Mobile Browser. There, users can tap the three dots in the corner to view their Link History.

The new system catalogs the links users click on, creating a comprehensive record of users’ browsing habits. This data is then used to inform Facebook’s ad targeting algorithms, helping to 

The introduction of Link History comes amid growing concerns about online privacy and data protection. While the new tool provides users with greater visibility into their data, it also underlines the extent of Facebook’s tracking capabilities.

To address these concerns, Facebook has included an option for users to opt-out of link tracking within its mobile browser. This move is seen as a response to increasing regulatory scrutiny and user demands for greater control over personal data.

While the roll-out of Link History represents a significant step forward in transparency, it also underscores the need for users to be proactive in managing their online privacy.

The global roll-out of Facebook’s Link History feature marks a new chapter in the platform’s data collection and ad-targeting practices. By providing users with a detailed record of their online activities, Facebook aims to offer greater transparency and control. However, as with all things related to online privacy, users must remain vigilant and proactive in managing their personal data.

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