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Thursday, June 20, 2024

X’s Vertical Video Advertising

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In a groundbreaking move, X is expanding its brand safety and suitability controls to vertical video inventory for all US advertisers. This extension, slated to start in February 2024, empowers advertisers with maximum control over where their ads appear exclusively on the X vertical video feed.

The expansion of brand safety controls aligns with X’s commitment to provide a safer platform for brands to advertise. These tools will allow advertisers to optimize campaigns while preserving their brand identity, marking a significant shift in social media advertising.

However, the most notable part of this announcement is X’s partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital ad verification. IAS will classify all vertical video ad adjacencies for brand safety and suitability aligned with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework.

This partnership aims to ensure that the content surrounding the placed ads does not harm the advertiser’s brand reputation. It’s a big step towards building robust brand safety tools, offering greater adjacency protection for advertisers.

Vertical videos have become increasingly popular among marketers due to the mobile-first consumption habits of consumers. Recognizing this trend, X has made a substantial push to sell ads around vertical videos, which could help reverse declining advertising revenue.

Moreover, having vertical placements for videos and ads is key in today’s digital advertising landscape. Strong brand safety measures, like the ones implemented by X, allow advertisers to have more control and confidence in programmatic advertising.

In conclusion, X’s expanded brand safety controls and its new partnership with IAS offer a promising future for advertisers. By providing more control and ensuring brand safety, X is revolutionizing the way vertical video ads are placed and viewed.

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