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Snap Ad Platform Enhancements Drive Better Results

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Snap Inc. has recently implemented significant enhancements to its advertising platform, aiming to deliver more effective and efficient results for its advertising partners. This overhaul spans various aspects of their ad stack, emphasizing improvements in app advertising, lead generation, and web traffic optimization.

Takeaways 🚀
âś…Enhanced ad formats increase engagement.
âś…Advanced optimization boosts ad efficiency.
âś…Improved lead generation integrations deliver.
âś…Landing Page View goal optimizes.
âś…Conversions API v3 enhances measurement.

Enhanced Ad Formats

One of the notable changes is the redesign of ad formats. These new formats are not only visually unified across Snapchat but are also strategically designed to achieve specific marketing outcomes. The goal is to maximize intentional actions taken by users on each ad. For instance, Snapchat has streamlined the app download experience on iOS, making it possible for users to install apps with fewer taps without leaving the Snapchat app. This change has led to lower costs per install and improved return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Improved Optimization Techniques

Snapchat’s updated platform includes advanced optimization features tailored for different advertising needs. Among these, new bidding capabilities specifically designed for mobile gaming stand out. The introduction of Value Optimization allows advertisers to bid based on the value of purchases rather than just their quantity, helping maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Furthermore, Snapchat has refined its click-only conversion products, including App Install 7/0 and App Purchases 7/0. The 7/0 delivery optimization model, which enables advertisers to bid for click-through conversions within a seven-day window, has been particularly successful. This model has resulted in increased click-through conversion volume, lower costs-per-purchase, and higher ROAS. In Q1 alone, this optimization model contributed to a more than 75% increase in purchase-related conversions year-over-year.

Lead Generation Enhancements

For mid-funnel marketers focused on lead generation, Snapchat has introduced several enhancements to improve the usability and actionability of leads. By partnering with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Zapier, Snapchat has been able to integrate better insights into lead interactions. These integrations have led to a significant reduction in Cost per Lead metrics and improved the overall quality and timely delivery of leads.

Web Traffic Optimization

Snapchat has also made strides in optimizing web traffic for advertisers. The introduction of a Landing Page View optimization goal helps marketers achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) such as session volume, landing page views, and reduced bounce rates. This goal is supported by machine learning models, which have lowered costs for some advertisers by over 60% compared to traditional click engagement models.

Advancements in Measurement and Signals

A critical component of Snapchat’s enhanced ad platform is the updated Conversions API (CAPI) v3. This server-to-server integration between advertisers and Snapchat ensures real-time event transmission, improving measurement, targeting, and optimization while maintaining data privacy. The new CAPI version aligns with industry standards and has become more scalable, facilitating quicker and easier setup for advertisers.

To further support this initiative, Snapchat has partnered with leading third-party companies like Snowflake, Datahash, LiveRamp, and Tealium. These partnerships help advertisers adopt CAPI more efficiently, often implementing it within minutes.

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