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TikTok Introduces Media Buying Certification

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In a significant move to empower digital marketers, TikTok has unveiled its new Media Buying Certification. This global certification is designed to help digital marketers showcase their expertise in TikTok advertising, fostering professional development and opening doors to new career opportunities.

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Empowering Digital Marketers

The TikTok Media Buying Certification allows marketers to highlight their proficiency with TikTok’s advertising tools and strategies. With the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, this certification offers professionals the chance to validate their skills and stand out in a competitive job market. For companies and agencies, having TikTok-certified team members boosts credibility and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in TikTok ad services.

“We are thrilled to introduce the TikTok Media Buying Certification to the industry. We want to make it easier for businesses to identify TikTok experts. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, becoming TikTok Certified helps open doors to exciting job opportunities and helps professionals accelerate their careers in digital marketing. It is also a great way for agencies to demonstrate their own team’s expertise in TikTok marketing solutions.”

Who Should Get Certified?

The certification is geared towards marketers who are already familiar with TikTok for Business and have experience running campaigns using TikTok Ads Manager. TikTok recommends candidates have at least one year of experience working at an agency in a media buying role on TikTok, or equivalent training and experience.

Exam Coverage and Preparation

The exam tests candidates on various critical aspects of TikTok advertising, including:

  • TikTok advertising platform and products
  • Creative basics
  • Data connections
  • End-to-end campaign management (from setup to optimization to measurement)

Registered candidates will have access to a study guide and a practice test to help them prepare. Currently, the exam is available in English, with more languages to be offered soon. The certification process involves a fully proctored testing environment, which can be taken either in person at a testing center or online.

Certification Benefits

Candidates who pass the exam will receive an official TikTok Media Buying Certification that is valid for two years, along with verifiable accreditation. This credential can be publicly showcased on resumes and online networks, helping certified professionals demonstrate their TikTok expertise.

The introduction of the TikTok Media Buying Certification marks an important step in the growth and professionalization of TikTok advertising. By providing a clear pathway for digital marketers to validate and showcase their skills, TikTok is helping to drive the industry forward and create new opportunities for both individuals and organizations.

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