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The BIG3 Brings 3-on-3 Basketball to a Global Audience on X

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The BIG3, founded by musician and actor Ice Cube in 2017, is taking the world of basketball by storm with its unique 3-on-3, half-court format. As the “number one urban sport in the world,” this exciting version of basketball has captivated a large audience and is now set to expand its reach even further by airing live on X.

Takeaways 🚀
✅BIG3 features 3-on-3 basketball.
✅Unique half-court gameplay format.
✅Live games streaming on X.
✅High-profile players and coaches.
✅Significant advertising opportunities available.

A Unique Sporting Experience

The BIG3 stands out due to its custom ruleset known as FIREBALL3. Unlike traditional basketball games, BIG3 matches are played on a half-court with no game clock. Instead, teams compete to be the first to score 50 points, combined with a swift 14-second shot clock. This format ensures constant action and excitement, making it a thrilling watch for fans. Adding to the intensity is the innovative 4-point shot zone, allowing players to make high-risk, high-reward plays that can change the course of the game.

The league features an impressive roster of players and coaches who bring a wealth of experience and star power to the court. Notable players include “Iso Joe” Johnson and NBA champions like Jodie Meeks, Nick Young, and Leandro Barbosa. The coaching roster boasts legends such as Lisa Leslie, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, and Nancy Lieberman.

Record-Breaking Viewership and Attendance

Since its inception, the BIG3 has garnered a significant following. During the 2022-2023 season, the league averaged 515,000 live viewers per game on CBS, with in-person attendance breaking records at an average of 15,000 attendees per week. This engaged audience provides a valuable opportunity for advertisers looking to reach a diverse and enthusiastic fan base. Notably, 90% of in-person attendees are Black or Hispanic, highlighting the league’s broad appeal within these communities.

Engaging the Audience on X

Starting June 15, 2024, fans can watch over 25 BIG3 games live on X, bringing the excitement of this unique basketball format to the platform’s global audience. X is well-suited for sports broadcasting, being a video-first platform where four out of every five sessions involve watching videos. The platform’s robust engagement metrics provide an ideal environment for sports enthusiasts to view and discuss the game in real-time.

Basketball remains a popular topic on X, with conversations about the WNBA increasing by over 500% globally compared to the previous season. As the NBA Finals conclude, this momentum is expected to carry over to the BIG3, further boosting its visibility and engagement on the platform.

Advertising Opportunities

For brands, the BIG3’s presence on X offers a multitude of advertising opportunities. With products such as Amplify pre-roll ads, Timeline Takeovers, and Trend Takeovers, advertisers can connect their messages with the dynamic content generated during BIG3 games. Amplify video pre-roll ads allow brands to align their creative content with game highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, and more, reaching X’s massive audience of over 500 million monetizable monthly active users (MAUs).

This collaboration between the BIG3 and X not only enhances the viewing experience for fans but also presents a unique chance for advertisers to engage with a passionate and growing audience. As the BIG3 continues to innovate and entertain, its partnership with X marks a significant milestone in the evolution of sports broadcasting.

Resources 🚀
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