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Google Unveils New Ad Opportunities via Google TV Network

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Google has announced an exciting new avenue for advertisers to reach audiences through connected TV sets with the launch of the Google TV network. This new advertising network provides targeted in-stream video inventory across more than 125 channels built into Google TV, offering brands a substantial opportunity to display their promotions on a variety of popular devices.

Takeaways 🚀
✅Google TV enables new ads.
✅Ad placement on connected TVs.
✅Target Sony, Hisense, TCL, Chromecast.
✅Manage campaigns via Google Ads.
✅Expanding reach with flexible formats.

Expanding Reach on the Big Screen

Connected TV (CTV) continues to gain traction, with increasing numbers of viewers opting for smart TV options. According to Google, their TV network covers over 20 million monthly active Google TV and Android TV OS devices, which include models from top brands such as Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Chromecast1.

With the integration of Google TV, these devices offer a seamless experience for watching movies, shows, and live TV from over 10,000 apps. Features like Google Assistant, smart home control, built-in channels, and personalized entertainment recommendations further enhance user engagement1.

Diverse Ad Formats for Maximum Engagement

Advertisers can take advantage of staple CTV ad formats available on the Google TV network, including non-skippable ads and 6-second bumper ads. This flexibility allows brands to tailor their campaigns to fit various viewing preferences and maximize audience engagement1.

Currently, viewers of Google TV’s free channels spend an average of over 75 minutes per day watching content1. Given that 60% of U.S. households now watch free, ad-supported streaming services and channels, the potential reach of advertisements on Google TV is significant1.

Seamless Integration with Existing Campaigns

One of the key advantages of the Google TV network is its integration with existing Google advertising platforms. Advertisers can manage their Google TV campaigns directly through Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360, streamlining the process of planning, buying, and measuring their campaigns alongside other digital video efforts1.

By selecting the Google TV network alongside YouTube when setting up video campaigns, brands can extend their reach to the biggest screens in consumers’ homes. This integration ensures that campaigns are efficient and that advertisers can maximize their impact across multiple platforms1.

Future Developments

As the Google TV network continues to evolve, advertisers can look forward to more ad formats and opportunities in the future. This ongoing development will provide even more ways for brands to connect with their target audiences in a rapidly growing segment of the digital advertising landscape1.

In conclusion, Google’s new placement on connected TV sets through the Google TV network represents a promising opportunity for advertisers to reach engaged audiences on high-demand devices. With support from major brands like Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Chromecast, and seamless integration with Google’s advertising platforms, this new network is poised to enhance the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns.

promotions on a variety of popular devices.

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