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LinkedIn reduces image sizes in organic post previews

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LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has recently announced changes to the image size for link previews in organic posts. This update is a part of LinkedIn’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and foster meaningful connections within its network.

Takeaways 🚀
âś…LinkedIn reduces link preview sizes.
âś…Smaller images in organic posts.
âś…Encourages users to post natively.
âś…Sponsored updates gain more visibility.
âś…Native content increases platform engagement.

Changes to Image Sizes

Historically, when users shared third-party article links in their organic posts on LinkedIn, the platform would display a large preview image alongside the link. With the new changes, these preview images will now appear smaller, providing a more streamlined and uniform look within the feed. Specifically, the small thumbnail preview image shown in organic posts will range from a minimum of 360 x 640 pixels to a maximum of 2430 x 4320 pixels1.

Encouraging Native Posting

One of the key reasons for this change is LinkedIn’s goal to encourage more native posting. By reducing the size of link preview images, LinkedIn aims to prompt users to create more original content directly on the platform rather than simply sharing external links. Native posts are those created and shared directly within LinkedIn’s interface, without linking to other websites. These types of posts often result in higher engagement rates as they keep users within the platform, allowing them to interact more seamlessly with the content.

Impact on Sponsored Content

The adjustment in image sizes also extends to Sponsored Content. When an organic post is boosted or sponsored, it transforms into a Sponsored Content ad. In this transition, the image associated with the third-party link adopts the same dimensions as organic post previews. However, the Sponsored Content ads will feature slightly larger images compared to their organic counterparts, ensuring they stand out in users’ feeds.

This change not only maintains visual consistency but also supports LinkedIn’s strategy to increase the use of sponsored updates. By making the organic post previews smaller, businesses may be more inclined to invest in Sponsored Content to gain enhanced visibility and reach a broader audience.

In summary, LinkedIn’s recent update to reduce the size of image previews in organic posts signifies a strategic move to encourage native posting and boost the use of Sponsored Content. Users can expect a more cohesive and engaging feed experience, while businesses have additional incentives to leverage LinkedIn’s advertising solutions for greater exposure. As LinkedIn continues to innovate, these changes underscore its commitment to creating a dynamic and interactive professional community.

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