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New AI Tools and Meta Verified for WhatsApp Business

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Meta recently announced several significant updates aimed at enhancing the capabilities of businesses using WhatsApp. These updates were unveiled at “Conversations,” Meta’s annual business messaging event held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new features are designed to improve customer interaction, streamline business operations, and enhance security for businesses.

Takeaways 🚀
✅New AI tools for businesses
✅Meta Verified badge introduced worldwide
✅Enhanced customer service capabilities
✅Streamlined multi-device account support
✅Expanded calling for larger businesses

AI Tools to Enhance Customer Assistance

One of the key highlights of the event was the introduction of new AI tools. These tools are specifically tailored to help businesses assist their customers more effectively. By leveraging AI, businesses can now provide quicker responses to common customer queries, improving overall customer satisfaction. The AI is trained to address frequent questions, helping customers find the information they need swiftly and accurately.

In addition to answering questions, the AI tools can assist businesses in discovering new products for their customers. This feature aims to make the shopping experience more personalized and engaging. Moreover, businesses can use AI to create ads on Facebook and Instagram seamlessly, remind customers about items left in their carts, or offer discounts on pending purchases.

Meta Verified on WhatsApp Business

Meta has also rolled out the Meta Verified badge for the WhatsApp Business app in countries including Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia. The introduction of this badge signifies that a business has registered its information with Meta, adding a layer of trust and authenticity.

Businesses with the Meta Verified badge receive enhanced account support, including protection against impersonation. Additionally, these businesses can utilize WhatsApp across multiple devices, making it easier for employees to manage customer interactions. Customers will see the Meta Verified badge on the business’s WhatsApp Channel and custom WhatsApp page, providing reassurance about the business’s legitimacy.

Expanded Calling Support for Larger Businesses

Another noteworthy update is the ability to call larger businesses on WhatsApp with just one tap. This feature is particularly beneficial for complex queries that require live assistance, such as travel bookings or opening new accounts with financial institutions. While this feature is currently in the testing phase, Meta plans to expand its availability to more businesses in the coming months.

The latest updates shared by Meta at the Conversations event underscore the company’s commitment to enhancing business operations on WhatsApp. From AI-driven customer support to the introduction of the Meta Verified badge and expanded calling capabilities, these innovations are poised to transform how businesses interact with their customers. As Meta continues to invest in these technologies, businesses and customers alike can look forward to a more efficient and secure communication experience on WhatsApp.

Takeaways 🚀
✅Meta introduces AI-powered ad creativity tools – Link
✅New AI Tools, Meta Verified and More for Businesses on WhatsApp – Link

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