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LinkedIn’s New Sponsored Post Option Enhances Content Reach

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LinkedIn, a leading professional networking platform, continues to innovate and expand its marketing solutions with the gradual rollout of new sponsored post options. This new feature aims to provide businesses and thought leaders with enhanced opportunities to maximize their content’s reach and engagement.

Takeaways 🚀
âś…Enhances brand visibility and awareness
âś…Boosts content engagement rates
âś…Facilitates effective lead generation
âś…Targets professional audiences strategically
âś…Supports diverse campaign objectives

Understanding LinkedIn Sponsored Articles and Newsletter Articles

Sponsored LinkedIn articles are long-form posts on various subjects designed to engage a professional audience. These articles can be posted by a Company Page as organic content or as part of a thought leader ad from individual LinkedIn members. On the other hand, sponsored newsletter articles are serialized posts within newsletters that LinkedIn members can subscribe to, though currently only Company Page-authored newsletters can be sponsored.

Benefits of Sponsored LinkedIn Articles and Newsletter Articles

The introduction of sponsored articles and newsletter articles comes with several notable benefits:

  1. Enhanced Brand Awareness: By sponsoring content, companies can ensure their articles reach a broader audience, significantly increasing brand visibility and awareness.
  2. Improved Engagement: Sponsored posts are tailored to drive higher engagement rates. They appear in users’ feeds marked with a “Promoted” tag, making them stand out and encouraging interaction.
  3. Lead Generation: For those aiming to generate leads, sponsored articles offer a unique feature where an “Unlock article” call-to-action button appears. This button, when clicked, opens a lead form directly within the feed. Upon completion, users gain full access to the article.

How Sponsored Articles and Newsletter Articles Work

During the campaign creation process in Campaign Manager, marketers can sponsor both articles and newsletter articles using various campaign objectives including brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation. These sponsored posts can be boosted through Company Pages or promoted via thought leaders’ posts.

One key point is that only the first Company Page post linking to a specific article or newsletter appears in the Content Library, with subsequent links being filtered out. This ensures that each piece of sponsored content maintains a unique presence without redundancy.

Future Capabilities and Considerations

While sponsored newsletter articles currently support only brand awareness and engagement campaign objectives, LinkedIn is working on expanding these capabilities. Member-authored newsletter articles can’t yet be sponsored, but this feature is expected in future updates. Additionally, lead generation objectives for sponsored articles are not supported by the LinkedIn Audience Network, limiting their reach outside of LinkedIn’s ecosystem.

LinkedIn’s new sponsored post options represent a strategic enhancement for businesses and professionals looking to maximize their content’s impact. By offering robust tools for brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation, LinkedIn continues to solidify its role as a valuable platform for professional marketing.

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