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TikTok’s New Ad Experience and Tools

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TikTok has recently introduced a range of new features and updates designed to enhance both user privacy and advertiser accountability. The changes aim to provide increased transparency and control over data for both advertisers and the TikTok community.

Takeaways 🚀
âś…Stricter guidelines for teen advertising.
âś…Enhanced ad personalization settings available.
âś…New “Disconnect Advertisers” feature launched.
âś…AI-generated content disclosure tool.
âś…Additional data sharing troubleshooting capabilities

Stricter Advertising Guidelines for Teens

Starting June 30th, TikTok has implemented additional restrictions on advertising to users aged 13 to 17 in the United States. Advertisers are no longer permitted to use personalized targeting options when reaching this age group. Instead, they can only use broad targeting criteria such as location, language, and device-related information. This move is part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to protect younger users and ensure their online safety.

Enhanced Ad Personalization Settings

TikTok has updated its ad personalization settings to offer more detailed options based on users’ interests and behaviors. Users now have the ability to see more ads related to topics they are interested in, such as “Outdoor Sports” or “Racing Games,” and less of what they are not interested in. This level of customization allows users to better control their ad experience on the platform.

“Disconnect Advertisers” and “Clear My Activity” Features

To further improve transparency and user control, TikTok has launched two new features: “Disconnect Advertisers” and “Clear My Activity.” The “Disconnect Advertisers” feature allows users to stop specific advertisers from using their off-TikTok data to serve personalized ads. This includes data such as interactions on an advertiser’s app or website. Additionally, the “Clear My Activity” feature enables users to disconnect any off-TikTok activity data shared by advertising partners from their account, ensuring personalized ads are no longer based on this data.

AI-Generated Content Disclosure Tool

In an effort to advance transparency around AI-generated content (AIGC), TikTok has introduced a disclosure tool for advertisers. Advertisers can now use a self-disclosure toggle in the TikTok Ads Manager to declare an ad as AI-generated. These AI-generated ads will be marked with a specific indicator, making it clear to users that the content was created using artificial intelligence. This tool supports responsible content creation and helps maintain transparency as AI technology continues to evolve.

Additional Data Sharing Troubleshooting Capabilities

To support advertisers in ensuring their data-sharing setup is correct, TikTok has also rolled out additional data sharing troubleshooting capabilities. This aims to facilitate a smoother and more reliable data-sharing process for advertisers, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of their campaigns while maintaining user privacy.

TikTok’s recent updates and new features underscore the platform’s dedication to enhancing privacy and providing greater control over data for both users and advertisers. By implementing stricter guidelines for teen advertising, offering more detailed ad personalization settings, introducing tools for disconnecting advertisers and clearing activity, and advancing transparency around AI-generated content, TikTok is taking significant steps to ensure a safer and more transparent advertising environment.

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