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X and the #Paris2024 Olympics

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As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Paris Olympics, businesses everywhere are gearing up for a golden opportunity. The iconic sporting event kicks off on July 26th, and it presents unparalleled advertising possibilities on X, a video-first platform renowned for real-time engagement.

Takeaways 🚀
✅Amplify reach with X ads.
✅Engage audiences in real time.
✅Boost campaign impact effectively.
✅Leverage innovative video products.
✅Drive customer action globally.

Unmatched Fan Engagement on X

X has solidified its position as a hub for sports enthusiasts, with 6 in 10 sports fans regularly using the platform—20% more than any other social media outlet. The Olympics, a global cultural phenomenon, promises to generate unprecedented levels of conversation and engagement on X. This dynamic environment provides brands a unique chance to connect with a highly engaged audience in real time.

Amplifying TV Reach and Campaign Impact

Advertising on X allows brands to amplify their reach beyond traditional TV campaigns. During the Super Bowl, brands that combined TV ads with X achieved significantly higher engagement—16 times more than those relying solely on organic posts. This hybrid approach not only maximizes visibility but also fosters deeper interactions with target audiences.

Leveraging Video and AI for Enhanced Interaction

Video consumption is at the heart of X’s user experience. An impressive 80% of user sessions involve video content, with both viewing time and video views on the rise. To further enhance this, X is introducing innovative video products designed to transform passive viewing into interactive experiences. By leveraging AI, X ensures that content is delivered safely and effectively, enriching the user experience and providing brands with potent tools for engagement.

Diverse Advertising Opportunities for Brands

Brands looking to seize the moment during the 2024 Paris Olympics can explore a variety of advertising products on X. From Takeover ads to custom executions, the platform offers numerous ways to inject your brand into the lively Olympic conversations. One standout offering is X’s premium video service, Amplify. This service allows brands to run pre-roll videos alongside official, brand-safe content from leading broadcasters worldwide, including NBCU, CBS Sports, GOAL, and many others.

Global Business Participation

Across the globe, businesses are poised to participate in event-related conversations on X, aiming to enhance their TV reach, boost campaign impact, and drive customer action. For brands contemplating whether to join the action, the 2024 Paris Olympics on X represents a prime opportunity to engage with an audience that is not only larger but also more inclined to act based on advertisements.

The 2024 Paris Olympics provide a momentous occasion for brands to shine on X. With its stronghold among sports fans, innovative video products, and real-time engagement capabilities, X is set to be the epicenter of Olympic excitement. Brands that harness these opportunities will undoubtedly see amplified reach, heightened engagement, and meaningful customer actions.

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