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Analytics & Insights

Microsoft Expands Maximum Conversion Value to All Shopping and Search Campaigns

In a significant update from Microsoft, the tech giant has announced the expansion of its Maximum Conversion Value bid strategy to encompass all shopping and search campaigns. This move marks a pivotal shift from its previous availability, which was limited exclusively to smart shopping campaigns. With this strategy, Microsoft...

Google Unveils Significant Updates to Analytics

Google has recently introduced a series of significant updates to Google Analytics, marking a new era for conversion metrics and privacy compliance. These updates are aimed at enhancing the integration between Google Ads and Google Analytics, ensuring a more consistent and reliable measurement of conversion events across both platforms....

LinkedIn Acknowledged it Discovered 2 Measurement Errors

LinkedIn has acknowledged two measurement errors that led to "over-reporting" of video views and ad impressions on sponsored content campaigns. The issues were recorded for more than two years and affected more than 400 thousand advertisers, the company said. LinkedIn is issuing ad credits to advertisers who were overcharged.

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