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Enhancing Google Shopping Ads with Conversion Annotations

Google has introduced an innovative feature for merchants using Google Shopping Ads—conversion annotations. This new tool is designed to provide potential customers with visual cues about a product's popularity, directly within the ad listing itself. By showcasing badges such as “best selling” or displaying messages like “1K shopped here...

Google Enhances E-Commerce with 3D Models Markup in Product Structured Data

In a significant move aimed at enriching the e-commerce experience, Google has recently updated its product structured data documentation to include support for 3D models markup. This innovative addition allows developers to seamlessly connect, associate, or link their products with corresponding 3D models. The update is designed to bridge...

TikTok’s Innovative Leap into E-Commerce

TikTok has made a groundbreaking move into e-commerce, blurring the lines between social media and online retail, which could significantly change how merchants engage with their audience. This expansion includes the introduction of TikTok Shop, an initiative allowing seamless integration with commerce platforms like Shopify, enabling businesses to connect...

Exploring Marketplace Trends in the Last Trimester of 2023

The world of marketplaces is ever-changing, with new trends and innovations emerging each year. As we enter the last trimester of 2023, it's important to analyze the current marketplace landscape and the tradeoffs involved in adopting various trends. In this article, we will explore the significant marketplace trends of...

Trends in eCommerce Payments for 2023

The world of eCommerce payments is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences. As we look ahead to 2023, it's important for businesses to stay informed about the emerging trends that will shape the landscape of online payments.1. E-Wallets: Convenience meets securityE-Wallets have gained significant...

Instagram Shop – A New Tool For Small Business Owners

Today, Instagram announced big changes to its platform – a Reels tab and a Shop tab. The Reels tab makes it easier for you to discover short, fun videos from creators all over the world and people just like you. The Shop tab gives you a better way to connect with brands and creators and discover products you love. "At Instagram, our focus has always been on young people and creators because they’re trendsetters. Change is happening quickly right now, including how both of these groups use Instagram and engage with the world. This year, with the pandemic and much of the world sheltering in place, we’ve seen an explosion in short, entertaining videos on Instagram. We’ve also seen an incredible amount of shopping move online, with more and more people buying online and young" - Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

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